Friday, 14 October 2011

How to change the login screen in Ubuntu 11.10

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The coolest feature in the new Ubuntu 11.10 is the simple, beautiful new login manager which is known as LightDM. Your new ubuntu 11.10 login screen comes with desktop applets like calender, batttery indicator etc..Now here let us see  what  you need to do to change your login wallpaper in few simple steps:
Step 1 : Install a simple login manger tool
You can do by terminal if you have an Internet connection. Open terminal
and type the following commands(exclude $ symbol) :
               $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:claudiocn/slm
               $ sudo apt-get update
               $ sudo apt-get install simple-lightdm-manager 
For offline installation :
Download the following package.
Click here to download Simple LightDM Manager:
and after downloading the package use command in terminal
make it executable using :
               $sudo chmod a+x <packagename>.deb
and install by :
               $ sudo dpkg -i <packagename>.deb
eg :- assume the file is in home directory :
               $ sudo chmod a+x ~/simple-light-manager_0.2-public7_all.deb
               $ sudo dpkg -i ~/simple-light-manager_0.2-public7_all.deb 

Step 2 : Take simplelightdm manager from application and change your wallpaper to which you like
search light on application dash to  get the application

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