Thursday, 13 October 2011

First look on the new Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

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Well This was a great day .The new version of Ubuntu , Ubuntu11.10 Oneiric Ocelot just released today. It is very cool actually. First coolest thing is the recreation of Unity interface in a better way. A lot of people didn't like unity interface in ubuntu11.04 due to some alien experience. Any way I personally feel a very better experience in my new Ubuntu11.10 machine.
Improved Unity interface :
  • Like other desktops, Unity uses windows to display your running applications. Using both the dash and the launcher, you can launch new applications and control which window is active. In addition to windows, you can also group your applications together within workspaces.
  • It is a hybrid of old unity and gnome 3 :unity interface is too better in performance. It is pretty much faster and make user to search anything faster and accurate. They adapted the good features from gnome 3 interface and integrated to the unity dash
  • Workspace with new dash icon : The workspace is kept as same as the ubuntu11.04 but a new dash home icon Is added to the workspace so that we can easily access the unity dash. The work space Is automatically expanding in nature and hence easy to manage many number of windows together.

LightDM :New Login screen manager 
The cooleset feature is the new login screen. A new login manager called LightDM is used. It is simple and It has got a very different look and feel .it is really beautiful ..i will put screen-shots so that you can understand its beauty. It also contain calender, battery applets etc..and have a special on screen-keyboard inbuilt.
Software Center with New features :
The new software center has improved a lot in construction ..the softwares are easy to Locate and user friendly. You can easily search and update your system using the new software center more better than ever. The simplicity is the most important factor here..more simple but visually better too.
Efficient new, window switching :
The switching between two windows has got a little funny animated graphic mode. You can switch between two windows by pressing <clrl> +<tab> and arrow (side,up )keys.

Customize user settings :
The new interface provides a lot of customizations by default which was not available in ubuntu11.04 like the theme selectivity.

Many applications by default :
Libere office ,Brasero burner ,Banshee player , Firefox browser such famous applications are available default here.

This is the first impression that made by new Ubuntu11.10 Oneiric Ocelot to is too good let us watch and see what happens.


  1. Is it is much similar to 11.04?

  2. @sooraj : Much similar and much better will feel it as a modified version of 11.04, with new cool features :)