Friday, 8 July 2011

Know Your Hardware Information

              Hi Everybody , Here I am going to discuss something about your system
configurations..precisely hardware configurations. It is important to know about the hardware configurations of your computer, All of us know how to see the complete hardware information about computer using device manager...Then what about Linux ?
How we can find all the information about the computer we are using..Lets learn two simple methods to do so ,We are able to do know all the information we need about our hardware..

METHODE 1: Geeky way (using command line)
             If you like to use the command interface to do such a job, to know about your system information completely we can use the following commands ..Open command prompt and type the following to get system information.

                 sudo lshw

to save the report as an html file in your desktop type :

                 sudo lshw -html >systeminfo.html
                 sudo mv systeminfo.html Desktop
METHODE 2: Using Hard info software (GUI METHODE)

   HardInfo can gather information about your system’s hardware and ,operating system, perform benchmarks,and generate printable reports either in HTML
or in plain text formats. Currently it knows about PCI,ISA PnP, USB, IDE, SCSI, Serial and parallel port devices. It will be better for normal users.

Install HardInfo :

          Since it doesn't come default with Ubuntu u need to install it ,For that connect to INTERNET and open terminal(Ctr+Alt+T) and type the following code

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                  sudo apt-get install hardinfo           -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

             To take hardinfo goto Applications-->System tools-->Hardinfo Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen shot You can see the system Summary, OS details ,Hardware Informations or any information
about your system on clicking them. You can also take a printable version of your
system information by clicking Generate Report tab .
Enjoy :-)

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