Monday, 28 November 2011

Split Your Large Files into small files very easily in Your Ubuntu machine

What will we do if we got a situation that we have to transfer a file of 5 GB and the available resource is just two 4 GB Pen drives. I used to stuck in such situations many times especially when you have to copy a Blue-ray film of 5-7 GB s. Most of the times we have to depend on the software s like zip manager . But the thing is that Without any softwares we can simply split up our files using the Linux command terminal,more simpler than the software method.
Go and open up the Terminal and use the following command :

      $ split –b600m yourfile yoursplitfiles.

To join the smaller files to get the big files back:

        $ cat yoursplitfiles.* >yourfile
Here 'yourfile' stands for the name of your big file and 'yoursplitfiles' stands for the splited files. Like the  same way you think.

Note : Dont forget to put a dot(.) after the name 'yoursplitfiles' otherwise it will be diffficult to rejoin

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