Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Get rid of Hardware/Volume Icons From Your Desktop in Ubuntu 11.04

      You may be noticed that when a new drive is mounted on your Ubuntu machine the  icon will be visible in your desktop automatically ,and it disappears when the drive is unmounted .Sometime I felt irritated of the same .So Now let us see how we can discuss about how we can get rid of this.
Step 1: Open Configuration Editor
    to do that hit ALT+F2 , then type gconf-editor and press Enter.
Step 2:
    Then go to apps -> nautilus -> desktop and simply uncheck (select         the row by double clicking on it) the box that says ‘Volumes Visible’.
You have done .thats all . You can see an instant change in your action Now your desktop doesn't shows an icon when a drive or a volume is mounted...ENJOY :-) Here is the screenshot

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Install some important applets on your Ubuntu11.04

Application indicators are very essential to our desktop. Here let's see some
important desktop applets available for Ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal..and
about Ubuntu 11.04......Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal is criticized a lot but it
is somewhat good .the main problem was with the new unity interface
..anyway with classic interface it feels very better than the older
versions...and these applets are really useful for that classic gnome interface

1.Weather Indicator Applet
        Weather indicator can be used to determine our weather conditions which
is fetched from Internet. It is so simple to use. To install Weather Indicator
application indicator in Ubuntu 11.04,copy-paste the following command into
================================================================                         sudo apt-get install indicator-weather
Finished. Launch Weather Indicator applet from 'Applications' dash.

2. System monitor indicator

            It is a useful indicator shows the CPU usage ,memory usage etc. It is simple and useful . It is so similar to the task manager in Windows. We can control the processes and services graphically. To install this copy and paste the following command into the terminal.
              sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexeftimie/ppa
              sudo apt-get update
              sudo apt-get install indicator-sysmonitor


Finished, Now simply launch this application .

 3.Pastie Clipboard Manager Indicator             
             Pastie is a simple clipboard Manager. To install this copy-paste the
following commands to the terminal .
             sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hel-sheep/pastie
             sudo apt-get update
             sudo apt-get install pastie

It is done..

 4. Keylock Application Indicator
            This applet inform us whether the caps lock key is on or not.So it is
useful during typing .Keylock Application Indicator shows which key locks
you have enabled(caps, num and scroll locks supported among others).
To install keylock indicator copy-paste the following command into terminal
            sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tsbarnes/indicator-keylock
            sudo apt-get update
            sudo apt-get install indicator-keylock



5.Battery Status Indicator
          Battery status is one the most useful indicators needed in Ubuntu 11.04 .
So that we can understand easily that how much power is remaining in the
system. Extremely useful for laptop users. To install the applet copy-paste the following commands into terminal
             sudo apt-add-repository ppa:iaz/battery-status
             sudo apt-get update
             sudo apt-get install battery-status
         Now, to start Battery Status while at start up, open Startup Applications fromUnity applications dash and Add the above command to it.

             /usr/lib/battery-status/battery-status –indicator

Done :-)