Friday, 1 July 2011

Mount Drives automatically when your computer starts

                        In Ubuntu OS all the partitions in the system do not get automatically mounted at startup like windows . We can mount the partitions whenever we needed. It’s not a bad idea to enable auto-mount of hard drive at system startup. That makes your accessibility better .Here we discuss about a method to do so.
                      PySDM is a simple ‘storage device manager’ application (based on PyGTK) that allows full customization of hard drive mount points. To install you can search for ‘pysdm’ in synaptic package manager or Type the following command(s) given below– at Terminal
     sudo apt-get install pysdm

      Then open it from Applications -> System -> Storage Device Manager or simply search for it. Now you are ready to customize it – just select the drive or partitions and  click on mount or any other options that you want to configure. Be careful, while handling with your hard drive.
Enjoy :-)