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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Install .rpm files in Linux

As we already know, Linux based operating system has two kind of variants, Debian and Redhat. In the previous post we had just seen how to install a .deb file in a Debian system. Now let me share the installation method in Redhat variant Operating Systems.
We usually use .rpm files to do offline installation. Now assume that i have a .rpm file named chrome.rpm in my home directory,

To install the package use the following command 

rpm -i chrome.rpm

To upgrade the package 

rpm - u chrome.rpm

To uninstall the package 

rpm -e chrome.rpm

Friday, 18 May 2012

How to Install .deb file in Linux MInt/Ubuntu/And other variants

For the Debian variant Linux operating systems, for offline installations  we use .deb files. Like .exe files, they can be downloaded from  internet. Then what will you do with that?
Here is how to install a .deb file in Linux(Debian variant ). I assume you have the downloaded file in your home folder.(say i have googlechrome.deb in ma home folder)
Now open up the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and paste the following command and hit enter

dpkg  -i  googlechrome.deb

That's all you have finished. Now let us have a quick look on what we can do with dpkg
  • dpkg –remove: uninstalls  a package
  • dpkg –unpack: doesn't installs but just  unpacks the file
  • dpkg –configure: presents the available configuration options for the package